Mindset Quotient® Full Analysis

What is a full analysis?

While the Basic Mindset Quotient Test derives a general assessment based on 20 questions, the FULL analysis is generated from an EXTENDED version of the test, and provides a more thorough assessment using a total of 50 questions. It expands on the basic test responses and includes sample scenarios, insights into what drives you, an expanded list of strengths and blind spots, and more thorough recommendations on how you can improve your score.

Why get a full analysis?

One of the most important elements of a full analysis is that it helps you identify your blind spots. It can reveal sub-conscious programs presently running the machinery of your mind, which can sometimes sabotage your conscious efforts to affect positive changes in your life. Once you have identified your blind spots, you can more effectively take steps that will help you achieve your goals more naturally. After all, what often keeps us stuck is not knowing what we don’t know.

What if your desired results could be an automatic outgrowth of just a few subtle shifts in your thinking? Based on our research, experimentation, and over twenty years of case studies, we believe this to be the case.

Let us help you take that first step.

Your Mindset Type Combination

Each type has its own characteristics, but each of the mindset type combinations create a different life experience than the others. Take the Extended test to get the Full Analysis and learn the unique characteristics of your Mindset Type combination.

How long does it take?

The test itself is estimated to take approximately 30 minutes. The results of your test will be available immediately upon completion, and a copy of your responses will also be delivered via email.

The full analysis is not a substitute for professional diagnosis or treatment of any psychological condition. This service is not intended for users under age 18. By proceeding, you indicate that you understand and accept these terms.

Mindset Quotient® Extended Test with Full Analysis