The Mindset Quotient® Matrix

Every position on the grid marks an important stage in human development.

Your (H, L) score points to one of the following regions on the Mindset Quotient Matrix:

It’s not about arriving.

While 5RC (5th Realm Complete) in the upper right corner may appear to be the ultimate goal, JOY and FULFILLMENT is the potential reward ALL along the way, experienced whenever there is forward or upward MOVEMENT through the regions of the MQ Matrix, even if that movement is small.

Don’t get stuck in one region! See where you can move next, and watch what happens in your life when you do!

This is not a personality test! 

It merely marks a point on the map of your personal developmental journey. See how far you’ve come, and get clues about where your path has the potential to lead you next.

Change your score, change your life!

The higher your test score, the more likely you also experience success in life.

  • There is no charge to take the basic test.
  • Your score is provided upon completion.
  • A full analysis is provided with the 50-question extended version.

Est: 10 minutes

This assessment is not timed.

Life is a JOURNEY through the regions of the MQ Matrix:

How we think we should grow:

How we actually grow:

Everyone's journey "map" looks different.

The Mindset Quotient Test is to help you see where you land on the map today, and open your mind to ways you can experience greater joy and fulfillment right now. 

Let the MQ Test help you take your next "right direction" step.

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