Submit YOUR Video and get up to $294 in Gifts and Prizes!

Here’s your chance to get famous! 

(Okay – so, it might not land you on Ellen, but hey – it’ll still be fun. 😉 ) 

Leslie Householder here, award-winning, best selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor and creator of Genius Bootcamp and the Mindset Quotient Test.

Video? Prizes? What’s this all about? 

I’m glad you asked!

The Mindset Quotient Test is finally ready!! 

And the reactions have been interesting:

    • An 81 year old woman began wheezing from laughter… I won’t tell you why.
    • A businessman got mad!… I won’t tell you why.
    • A scientist made a life pivot after seeing her results… I won’t tell you why.

You’ll just need to try the test for yourself. 

I’m creating a reaction video montage and I want YOU in it!!

Join me in this exciting video montage project and you can take the EXTENDED version with Full Analysis ($127) at NO CHARGE!  Plus, if clips from YOUR video get SELECTED, you’ll receive another special gift (worth up to $197)!

After we make our edits, it may look something like this…

Play Video

Now collecting videos for Montage #2!


How to Participate:

  1. OPTIONAL: Ask a friend to join you (physically or virtually) so you can talk to each other as you go, helping your reactions be natural and lively. 
  2. Set yourself up in good lighting.
  3. Make sure your background is distraction-free. Please do not use a virtual background.
  4. Begin recording a Zoom meeting (or whatever tool you prefer). 
  5. Don’t worry if there’s dead space on the recording, we can remove it in editing. We’re just looking for those candid moments that capture you feeling perplexed, surprised, amused, or whatever.
  6. Do not try to screen share. You will see the test, but we don’t need to. We just want to see you ;). If you’re zooming with a friend, sending your gallery view is optional.
  7. While recording, go to and choose a version. The Basic takes about 10 minutes and the Extended takes about 30 minutes. Read the questions and answers out loud and keep recording while you view your results.
  8. If you choose the $127 Extended version, use Special Event Code “montage” to get FREE access. 
  9. Use facial expressions AND words to show how you’re feeling. Speak your mind! If you think a question is ridiculous, say so! If something stumps you or makes you chuckle, show me. The more you REACT to the questions, the more likely we will find something to use. 
  11. When you are done, stop the recording.
  12. Send your Zoom or video recording to If sending a link, make sure the file is set to be downloadable. 
  13. By sharing your video, you agree to allow me to use it in our marketing. 
  14. Return to Click at the bottom to SHARE the test website with at least ONE other person. As a part of this project, we appreciate your help getting our “share” count off the ground.
  15. YES, you can invite friends or family to submit videos, too!


This opportunity will close and the code will expire when we have enough footage.

Thank you! I look forward to watching!

This tool is changing lives,
and you’re helping it happen!

There is no guarantee that your video will be utilized, but the $127 Full Analysis will be yours to keep either way